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Peachtree Corners Cancer Discount Card

Peachtree Corners Cancer Discount Card

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Get ready for big savings that make an even bigger impact. Introducing the Peachtree Corners Discount Card! I'm Lex, a 14-year-old cancer survivor, and I want to help kids fighting cancer at the Aflac Center.

From September 1st to May 25th, this card gets you sweet deals at local stores and restaurants. Best part? Proceeds benefit the Aflac Center and Blood Disorders Center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, helping brave kids battling cancer.

Shop, eat, and save while changing lives. It's a win-win! Get discounts at all the cool spots—cafes, dinner, dessert you name it. Just show your card and score.

Join me, support the Cancer Center. Get your Peachtree Corners Discount Card today. Let's make a difference together!

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